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it's Thai is a modern Thai cuisine in that it's food respecting it's traditions but
looking forward to the future.

Established since 30th November 2001 by Pent.

The restaurant is located in Carlingford and is about 30 minutes drive from the city.
The stand alone restaurant on a quiet street is a fine dinning restaurant. The capacity of restaurant is approximately 50 seats.

The restaurant aims to provide a place for those who seek an alternative to everyday
Thai food in pleasant surroundings, we look forward to meeting you at it's Thai.


Dear patrons, please note there have been new rules implemented at our venue to keep in line with government regulations. These include:

   * Use of hand sanitizer to help decrease the spread of germs.

   * Recording of full name and contact number of dine-in customers only.

   * Social distancing guidelines (1.5 m) to be kept at all times.

   * No mingling is allowed, everyone is to be seated unless moving between areas or to use bathroom facilities.

   * No more than 10 patrons allowed at any table.

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